Let’s patch: MDMA Riser

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Moment of a peak tension. Transition form one state to another. The scale changes.

For this patch, we used the Alpha Juno template of the Uhe Diva synth. This riser not only uses white noise but also a low Square wave to add a solid base. The rhythmic element of the sound is mostly caused by LFO1 having its Rate modulated by the ENV2 x LFO2 (1/4). Multiplication is done with the help of the Multiply module. Then LFO1 is routed to the filter, to the Noise modulation source. It keeps the sound bubbly, funny. Finally a rhythmic delay 3, 5 on the sides make sure the patterns repeat every 15 steps, letting the listener to wait at least a full 30 bars before having a deja vu impression.

The psychedelic dimension of the sound comes from the diva flanger, with feedback at the maximum. I also used this trick quite a lot on the track Icelandic Mushrooms.


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