Let’s patch: Brighton Beach

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Relaxing moment. Take a break with your synth. Feel in vacation. Get the fresh air in your lungs and recover your inspiration!


The whole technique around this patch is to carefully tune the LFO around the filter. Once again, I used Diva from U-he. The chain is fairly basic, taken from the Jupe-6 template as it offers noise + band pass filters.

The noise is fed into a bandpass modulated by LFO2 twice. The LFO2 itself is on the more natural Sine (instead of the triangle), and self modulate its own rate negatively to get a deeper curve.  Thanks to Ben Crosland and his excellent bootcamp videos for the idea around this patch.

The chain of effects is as essential too for the illusion: a sea with only one crushing wave doesn’t really work does it? Delay first then a large reverb. Delay is around the maximum delay time, pretty filtered echos in bass and highs to give this ringing ambiant sound of the foam on tops of the waves. The reverb has a pretty high damping, as a sea is an open space, and no diffusion at all to remove the metallic effect from the plate integrated in DIVA. The effect could be even better with a modern reverb, but that was part of the exercise to do it with our limitation!



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