Let’s patch: Distorted Electric Organ

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A rock organ, distorted, all around. Classic melodramatic sound, a hint of rock, a good dose of regrets.


This organ was based on Uhe Diva synth. I started with the MS-20 template, as a technical attempt to see how a polyphonic ms-20 can get close to an organ. The oscillators are fairly standard, mainly the triangle wave mixed with a really light sawtooth an octave higher. I cut a lot of bass with the highpass filter to let the sound breath. The filter is where the magic happens. The key for this sound was to bump both the resonance and the cutoff on a really short amount of time at the beginning to get the click. A tiny amount of FM and voilà! The basic organ sound is in place.

Finally the distorsion and stereo comes from the rotary effect, smeared later by a chained generous chorus in the second slot. To do so, I bumped the drive parameter fairly high (40%). Only the “No Bass” mode was clean enough to not add annoying beating. I still need to figure out a good way to tame those.




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