Let’s patch: fog in the morning

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I wanted a foggy morning feeling. Really wet, blurry, where things are uncertain. It’s a cocoon effect, one cannot see that far. It surrounds me.

To make this sound, I liked the non stable character of the Jupiter 6 (Jupe-6) template in Diva from U-he. The wet aspect mostly comes from the chorus, with a really deep setting. The reverb is set to be really dull but omnipresent, for underpinning even more the surrounding aspect of the sound. Instability in the pitch is done with 2 oscillators, a 7th apart from each other, and I play with an automation to switch their balance. The filter is dull, and doesn’t follow the pitch of the notes to reinforce the feeling that it is atmospheric, ambiant, and that we are in a cocoon. The notes playing are only a 7th minor chord with notes being stacked one after each others, as I like the openness of this chord to be both happy and sad.


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