Let’s Patch: Cyborg Cry

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I wanted a patch yelling and crying in an almost human fashion. It keeps its machine, electric characteristic, reinforcing its effect. By detachment, it preserves its effect as not sounding like a pale imitation. A sad yell, desperate sound. I retain this harsh and rough feeling in the throat. I shouldn’t be comfortable in this cry, keeping its energy.

This patch was made with Diva from U-he. I chose the MS-20 template as a start. An MS-20 was an excellent solution to get the distorsion for the harsh and rough throaty sound. The effect is entirely made by a high resonant MS-20 filter, distorting the sound. A slight hint of FM on the Filter frequency gives reinforce the throaty sound.

The sad and desperate aspect is suggested by 2 oscillators, detuned a minor third from each other. A saw for the vocal and a square one under it for the electric, electronic detachment.

A hint of plate reverb for metallic spatialization, and a slow phaser for making the sound interesting without LFO.


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